How our service works

There are 2 components:

  • A mobile app for Apple and Android, which collects and sends information to our central platform
  • The Core Platform which stores the data and provides analytics and alerting

Monitoring in real time

  • Data is sent back in near real time
  • No need to wait until the end of the month for updates

Detailed analysis

  • Data can be analysed in real time
  • Insights into usage patterns can guide people to change behaviour and slash mobile data use dramatically.
  • Alerts can be customised per device and include:

    • Daily data allowance
    • Monthly data limit
    • Average monthly data allowance
    • Roaming data allowance
    • Device connected
    • Device has not sent any updates for over 24 hours
    • Country change


    Hosted solution

    • Fully hosted solution with enhancements and updates applied centrally


    • Infrastructure hosted with AWS in a secure cloud based environment

    Near real time view of each device

    When and how each device used its data during the current and past months

    Total amount of data each device used in the current or past months