Mobile wholesale/reseller

Differentiate your mobile service offering by providing near real time analytics and alerting of mobile data and app use. 

  • Sign up more clients
  • Make it easier for your team to renew contracts
  • Make it easier for your team to sign up new clients

We are not a:

  • MDM solution
  • Mobile virus solution 

We are a cost effective near real time solution that allows you to monitor your clients mobiles 

  • Data usage
  • App data usage
  • Country location

Be alerted when something is wrong

  • a device is using too much data in a day or on average
  • has just arrived in a roaming country

The mobile wholesale and reseller companies are looking for ways
to differentiate their mobile service against the main mobile companies.

Including our solution as standard allows them to clearly differentiate their service. 

Reinforce the social contract that they have their client’s best interests at heart to find the tight contract for their needs. 

Protect their client and their relationship from surprise bills.

Including our solution will not only protect the client, it also protects the mobile wholesale and reseller for excessive roaming bills. Ofcom has put new rules in place that say wholesale and reseller companies can not charge clients more than the devices CAP, if a CAP is in place. When a device is roaming the wholesale and reseller do not know for at least 2 days that a device has started roaming and or is using too much roaming data. Our solution will tell them immediately when a device connects to a wifi or mobile network in a new country. Our solution also will tell them in near real time how much roaming data the device has used.