Aggregators & comparison companies

We provide a way to make the client experience as easy as possible and more relevant to the user. 

  • Make the client journey as easy as possible
  • Build trust with your clients
  • Differentiate your service compared to your competition
  • Sign up more clients

Companies that specialise in aggregating information from other sources are focused on understanding client’s needs to be able to provide relevant offerings.
Aggregators are always looking for ways to make the client experience as easy as possible and more relevant. The ideal client experience is to not enter any information, just view the offers and click to buy.

Aggregators can give our solution to their existing and prospective clients. The client would get our service and the Aggregator gets the usage information (data usage, app usage and the countries the data/app were used in). This would allow the Aggregator to create the ideal client user experience, automate their processes and offer relevant renewal offers to their clients (eg if a device mainly uses social media, then would recommend a split data bundle – small general data bundle and an unlimited Social media data bundle)