Are you reaching your data limit before the end of the month and wondering which apps are using all of your data? Here we take a look at the mobile apps most commonly found to use high levels of mobile data and the ways in which they do so.

Streaming Apps

Streaming apps are some of the most obvious data users, apps such as Netflix, Spotify and Youtube can use 1GB per hour in some cases. A short Youtube video and some music streaming will quickly add up if you don’t stay on top of your usage.

Most apps have options available to reduce your data usage when connected to the mobile network so check your settings, these include reducing the file quality when using mobile data and only downloading files when connected to Wi-Fi.

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Facebook and Twitter

Autoplaying videos on social media apps are often one of the main culprits when you are using too much data, especially as videos are now one of the most shared forms of content. Whilst you scroll through your Facebook or Twitter feed, how many videos do you see? When these have started playing they are already making their way through your data allowance, even if you are not actively watching.

A quick fix is available: simply turn off auto-playing videos. On the Facebook app head to Account Settings, Videos, and Photos, then Autoplay, selecting either ‘On Wi-Fi connections only’ or ‘Never Autoplay Videos’. As well as reducing data wastage this also helps save battery life – another bonus.

On Twitter go to Settings, Data Usage and under the Video options select Video Autoplay and change to ‘Wi-FI only’ or ‘Never’.


Like Facebook and Twitter it’s not the sharing of media that uses the most data – you can send and receive up to 20,000 image snaps per month using around 1GB of data. The high data use comes with Snapchat video stories, especially if you have a large contact list. Snapchat auto-loads your contacts’ Snapchat stories in advance so you can tap and watch without needing to wait for them to load. Turn on Snapchat’s Travel Mode to prevent this.

Cloud Storage Apps

Backing up your mobile device’s photos, videos and documents to the cloud is always recommended. These apps, such as Dropbox, typically run in the background on your phone and can easily be forgotten about until you have uploaded all of your latest photos and videos away from your Wi-Fi connection without realising.

Settings will vary between apps but most will allow you to restrict syncing your backups to the cloud whilst connected to Wi-Fi only. Check your app settings to ensure you are set up correctly.

How can Apps2Data help?

The Apps2Data app offers a data usage monitoring service for the bill payer. If you manage mobile phone contracts you can install the app across all phones and monitor data usage on each mobile device from one dashboard.

The dashboard offers an hourly breakdown of each day’s data usage which can help you pinpoint when you’re using the most data and any potential data wastage. Android users can get an app by app breakdown of data usage and find out exactly where your data allowance is going.

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