Streaming, and media on the go whether it’s movies, music, videos or live streams on social media can be one of the greatest consumers of our monthly data allowance. It’s important to be aware of how much data you may be using when

How much data does Netflix use?

Streaming a movie or television show on Netflix will use approximately 1GB of data per hour of video when watching using standard definition. If you watch shows in high definition you will be using approximately 3GB of data per hour.

This high level of data usage can mean you will quickly reach your monthly data limit. You can stay in control of your Netflix data usage by choosing a lower quality video in your Netflix account Playback Settings, reducing data usage to 0.3GB per hour for a low-quality video. Alternatively, download shows and movies in advance whilst connected to Wi-Fi.

How much data does Spotify use?

If you’re listening to a long playlist you can quickly get through a lot of songs and data. The amount of data used by Spotify when streaming music depends on your quality settings. You have three options when it comes to streaming quality, Normal at 96kbps, which is approximately 40MB of data per hour. High at 160kbps will use 70MB after an hour of streaming, and Extreme quality at 302kbps will use 150MB of data per hour.

With a Spotify premium account, you can download playlists in advance to listen to on the go, ensure you turn off ‘Download using Cellular’ and remain connected to Wi-Fi to avoid using your mobile data allowance.

How much data does Youtube use?

Youtube is often ranked as one of the highest data using apps on mobile, it’s easy to watch a short video here and there without realising how it all adds up. 30 minutes of Youtube viewing on a low-quality setting will use around 175MB.

If you watch Youtube videos using the app, rather than through the mobile website you can reduce the amount of data used by selecting the “Limit Data Usage” option in your settings. This will ensure only HD videos are streamed when connected to Wi-Fi.

How much data does live streaming use?

As well as consuming media through streaming, producing your own videos and uploading them live to Periscope, Instagram or Facebook Live is increasing in popularity. If you’re planning on live streaming you can expect to use at least 10-20MB per minute depending on the app you’re using.

How can Apps2Data help data streamers?

If you regularly run out of data before the end of your monthly billing period and regularly use streaming apps such as Netflix and Youtube, Apps2Data may be able to help:

  • Monitor your daily data usage, and store up to three months of data to compare your habits with the Apps2Data dashboard.
  • Set up alerts when you’re approaching data milestones.
  • Android device users can monitor your data usage by app, and see exactly where your data is going.