Supersized data bundles with high monthly costs are now commonplace when it comes to monthly mobile phone contracts, with some networks offering up to 100GB. Frequent streaming, media sharing and video calls can lead to the fear of a  ‘Apps2Data’ that comes when you exceed your data limit. Choosing a larger than necessary data bundle can be seen as a safe option, but do you really need all of this data?

A recent study by, which polled over 7,000 users, found that the majority of respondents used less than 3GB of data each month, needing no more than some of the smallest, cheapest data bundles on the market. Only 12% actually needed one of the supersized bundles with an average monthly data usage of over 10GB.

Although typical network marketing material suggests that data consumption has increased rapidly over the last few years, the MoneySavingExpert study below found that the increase was much smaller than we were led to believe.

On the other hand, parents paying phone bills for their teenagers should still be wary of exceeding data limits. The under 25s typically consume the most data and are the most likely to be using over 10GB per month.


By following some simple data usage saving tips you may find that you no longer need the bigger monthly packages and can save money by reducing your tariff.

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If you are about to renew phone contracts for you and your family or have a large data bundle you think you may not need, the Apps2Data app can help you get a better understanding of your data usage and potential needs going forward. When trying to find out how much data you really need, Apps2Data can give you an hourly review of your data usage, and monthly overviews to help you make an informed decision. Android device users can even see an app-by-app breakdown of the data usage, highlighting any sources of potential data wastage.

You may be surprised at how little data you are using compared to the plan you’re on, even a few hours spent daily on social media, web browsing and downloading emails with small attachments typically uses less than 3GB per month

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