Do you attempt to keep track of your mobile data usage via your mobile provider’s alerts? Do you find that you exceed your data limit? Do you question which apps are using all of your data? Do you find yourself regularly buying top up data bundles? If you are the bill payer for other family member’s mobile device contracts, do you find out too late that they have exceeded their data limits? The Apps2Data app can help with all of these concerns with its online dashboard and near real-time alerts.

What is the difference between the service offered by your mobile phone contract provider and Apps2Data?

Most mobile phone providers offer a basic data usage management service which will include:

– A text alert to the mobile device when 80% of the mobile data allowance has been used. This does not notify the bill payer that the device user is approaching their data limit and excess charges may be likely to be experienced.

– A monthly reminder that the bill, with your data usage statistics for the month, is now ready for viewing.

– An online account to view your historic bills individually.

In our fast-paced digital world this isn’t always sufficient, especially when managing multiple mobile device accounts.

Apps2Data offers a thorough breakdown of data usage per mobile device by day and by month, along with a 3 month overview.

During the day

Apps2Data’s near real-time service means you can monitor data usage as it is happening throughout the day. This is ideal if you have downloaded a large file, or are using a new app and want to see how much data has been used before it makes an impact on your overall monthly data usage.

Data usage by day

You do not need to wait until the end of the month to analyse your data usage. The Apps2Data dashboard offers an individual daily overview of the data used by all devices connected to your account giving you the chance to review in depth any particular days which had a higher than average data usage.

Monthly data usage per mobile device

The Apps2Data dashboard provides a day by day breakdown of data usage for the current month, as well as the previous two months, for each mobile device connected to your account. As the bill payer, you will be able to access all data usage for any individual mobile device on your account.

Checking monthly data usage

Use the monthly data usage tool within the Apps2Data dashboard to find out whether you are approaching your data usage limit.


As a Apps2Data user, should you exceed your daily data usage limit or trigger a data roaming alert as set up via the Apps2Data dashboard, you will receive an alert.

If you are the bill payer but not the device user you will not receive the SMS notification sent to the device by your mobile service provider when the data usage has reached 80% of the monthly allowance or when the data allowance has run out. Apps2Data addresses this problem through a choice of alerts which are delivered directly to the bill payer via email.

Alerts available:

– Average monthly usage compared to the data allowance

– Data usage over 1, 2 and 3 day periods

– Data roaming

As Apps2Data operates in near real-time you will receive the alerts in near real-time.

The data provided by the Apps2Data app will give you the opportunity to educate mobile device users on their data usage and explore ways in which they could potentially save data avoiding further bill shocks. Examples include:

– Identifying periods when the device could be connected to Wi-Fi

– Business users – how much data usage is for home usage

– Android users – which apps are using the most data.

Take control of your mobile data usage, sign up to Apps2Data today, plans start from £1 per month per device.